Kopi (Coffee)

This traditional brew is the hallmark of Uncle Lim’s. We believe it is the item that makes our first time customers into regular customers! We do not boast of importing our beans from exotic countries. Ours are sourced from our very own small-holder planters. The method of roasting is also by the traditional way. The result is a brew that is truly Malaysian and of which most Malaysians grow up with. Now you understand why we call it “kopi," and not by any other exotic name!

Our customers can enjoy Uncle Lim’s kopi in different ways, i.e. thick (kau), thin (pok), black (O), with condensed milk, with evaporated milk (si), iced (peng) or even mix it with tea (cham)! Some of our customers claim that our kopi is addictive! We take it as a compliment!


Our kopi-man is also expert at tea-making. Again we use premium grade local highland tea dust. We believe the way it is brewed is what makes the difference. Tea lovers describe our tea as………..Syok!!

Other Beverages

We also serve other drinks such as milo, cincau, soya bean milk (when mixed with cincau, it becomes ‘Michael Jackson’, another favourite!), cooling aromatic barley water, Pepsi, mineral water, iced-lemon tea and fresh lime juice.


Roti Bakar

This humble traditional Malaysian snack is enjoyed by our forefathers in days gone by. Traditional roti slices is toasted over charcoal ember till golden brown. Electric toasters would have been convenient but we believe that the difference is well worth the extra efforts. The result is a crisp slice of toast with a soft centre. A good helping of home-made kaya is spread on one slice and premium grade Australian butter on the other slice. The result?? …………Mmmmm, just like those days,............ SYOK only!!

Half-boiled Eggs

‘A’ grade omega-3 enriched eggs are scalded to perfection. Add premium grade light soya sauce and a dash of pepper and the result is a hot favourite among the young and old. How else can one explain the continual orders of this item from our opening till our closing time!



This all time traditional Malaysian favourite is specially sourced from a reknown traditional manufacturer. Only the best quality ingredients are used. The taste is heavenly!



Nasi Lemak (Chicken or Beef)

This traditional Malaysian favourite comprises of the best grade selected Thai fragrant rice steamed with the exact proportion of santan (coconut milk) and pandan leaves. The condiments include a generous portion of our very own secret recipe chicken “rendang," or beef "rendang," sambal sotong, fried peanuts with ikan bilis (anchovies) and fresh cucumbers. Our top seller!


Uncle Lim’s Laksa

The thick, creamy and aromatic gravy for this unique noodle dish is a concoction of de-boned mackerel, blended fresh herbal spices, santan (coconut milk) and milk. The noodle is actually Italian spaghetti and the taste is actually …………….mmmmm!!!


Asam Laksa

Uncle Lim’s has taken this traditional Penang favourite a step further by way of additional ingredients. Our gravy is thick with mackerel fish pieces and the rich, sweet, sour and chilli flavour, sets it apart from those of other vendors.

Our chef insists that only a particular brand of dried rice noodle is used although it would have been much easier to use the fresh ones that are so readily available in the market. One has to taste the product to appreciate our efforts.


Chicken Porridge

The best grade fragrant Thai rice is boiled with chicken over a slow fire for hours until the broth is truly smooth and creamy. Condiments of chicken breast slices, coriander leaves, spring onions, fried shallots, Yau Char Kuay pieces, fried soo hoon and a dash of sesame oil bring out the truly wonderful taste of this broth.



Wholemeal Roti Bakar

Our healthier version of the popular Roti Bakar, toasted over charcoal embers for a golden brown, crispy bite on the outside and Uncle Lim’s signature soft center for a mealy taste on the inside. Go ahead, spoil yourself healthy. Only at Uncle Lim’s.



Mushroom Mee

A balanced bowl of mee with chunky bite size mushrooms packed with nutrients tastefully mixed with chicken & herbs if you prefer a less than spicy meal.A favorite with the kids. For an extra kick, reach out for some vinegar. You’ll be surprisingly slurping for more.



Wantan Soup

So you’re not quite hungry, yet you find yourself looking for something to fill your tummy ahead of an important meeting. This tasty bowl of soup and wantan will both take care of your tummy and yet give you something to rant about. It’s not just your ordinary wantan.If you’re wondering what makes it special. Here’s the secret… It’s handmade, every single piece, just the way grandma used to make them. How’s that for an opener at meetings.




Kuey Teow Soup

Ever wondered why you feel a little heaty sometimes? If you don’t feel quite right and prefer to take the edge off heatiness, it has to be something that’s tasty.This is the Kuey Teow that will surely do. Why you can practically live off this stuff every day. Enjoy Kuey Teow soup, the traditional way.



Chicken Chop

This dish goes back to the colonial days when eating rice and mee just wasn’t enough to fill the tummy for the longer haul. Something a little more filling, when complemented with rice. Chicken coated with breadcrumbs fried to perfection and garnished with tomatoes, cucumber & onions. Go ahead, have yourself some French fries for fun.



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