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Bringing The Best of Kopi Culture To You

Uncle Lim’s Café was born in 2003 and is about modernizing the Kopitiam whilst preserving its old charm, so that it can take us into the future. Uncle Lim’s is a family business that started with one outlet in Ikano IPC back then and then gradually expanded to several outlets. These days, Uncle Lim’s is now responding to its customers’ needs and are now delivering directly to your doorstep. Let us serve you Kopi 🙂

Made from Scratch

from our kitchen



Since opening Uncle Lim’s ingredients have been locally sourced. We believe that local is better, more sustainable and supports local communities. Uncle Lim has built long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with its suppliers and meet them face-to-face frequently.



Uncle Lim’s cooks helm the kitchen and have been cooking from scratch just like the olden days. We are committed in keeping to traditional cooking methods without the use of preservatives. Doing so gives us the ability to ensure quality and consistency which our loyal customers have been coming back for year after year. 



Authentic Malaysian Kopi

We believe in brewing Kopi the traditional way and our Kopi beans are sourced from our very own small-holder planters. The beans are roasted the traditional way. The result is a brew that is truly Malaysian and of which most Malaysians grow up with.